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Special Bred Cow & Feeder Cattle Sales

Special Bred Cow / Feeder Sale

August 5th
September 2nd
October 7th-Customer Appreciation
November 4th
December 2nd

January 6th
February 3rd
March 2nd
April 6th
May 4th
June 1st

1st Saturday of each month starting at 10am


Bred Cows\Pairs please bring in Friday the day before the sale from 12pm-2pm and feeder cattle from 2pm-8pm


*NO SALE in July *

Bred Cows\Pairs bring in the Friday before sale from 12pm to 2pm
Feeders can be brought in on the Friday before the sale from 2pm to 8pm


For More Information Contact Todd Bergfeld at 563-543-5800 Or Email At: [email protected]