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Special Bred Cow & Feeder Cattle Sales

Special Bred Cow / Feeder Sale

Sales 1st Saturday from September to April starting at 11am.

Bred Cows\Pairs bring in the Friday before sale from 12pm to 2pm.
Feeders can be brought in on the Friday before the sale from 2pm to 8pm.

December 4, 2021 Special Sale Listings

16 head BLK\BWF STRS\HFRS 450-550# green tag

10 head Mix STRS\HFRS 500# green tag

68 head Mostly BLK STRS\HFRS 600-850# Green tagged

22 head BLK STRS\HFRS 550-650# Green tagged

10 head HOL STRS 800# 1 round of shots


A percentage of the commission to benefit Jones, Dubuque and Jackson County Cattlemen & 4-H groups.

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